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I was Born in 1979, In Newcastle General hospital, and was one very cute baby!! Only joking.. My dad told me that I have always loved to dance, sing and pose for a picture from an early age so when I turned four I went, well, was put in to dance school kicking and screaming by my mother and was trained to become a dancer. At the age of 14 I also joined a modelling agency in Newcastle and started to do some modelling for teenage 'clothers' catalogs, several regional newspapers and on billboards for companies like B.T. (I was a keep fit girl in one ad, I cringe now) and for Topshop.  
Roughly two years later I got spotted by a page 3 agent and went to London to do a page 3 style photoshoot for one of the national newspapers and that's where it all began at the tender age of 16.  
In 1995 whilst I was in London on a photoshoot with my then manager, Ms Love, we went to Stringfellows for one of it's famous model party's. This is where I met the infamous, playboy, millionaire Peter Stringfellow who would shortly after, become my boyfriend at 35 years my senior and I think you all know the rest.  
A few months later I moved to London to pursue my modelling and a professional dancing career, it was going well and I was traveling all over the world from Japan to America. Then I decided to move in with Peter and give the relationship a go. Shortly afterwards I joined a girl band called Chica, which did well for a while but then sadly fell on it's ass, bad timing I guess?. So I went back to page 3 and started to go to party's and to film premieres wearing next to no clothes at all, do you remember the completely see through dress, also the one with my bum cut out?. Which was in all the newspapers, magazines and on TV months after. That was when I was branded a 'wild child' by all the press, which still makes me laugh today.  
In Early 1998 I decided I had to get away from it all for a while and went to live in Marbella with a very close friend. Shortly after this Peter and I split up. When the press found out I was in Spain I decided then to come back to England and start a new career as an actress.  
Late 1998 I enrolled on a five-year Bnd, Hnd and degree course in performing arts and drama studies in Newcastle and also started to present/work for Sky Televisions 'Men and Motors' channel part time.  
In 1999 I got myself an acting agent!, had a few little acting jobs. Then Mike Touder who is the manger of The world famous UK CENTREFOLDS asked me if I would like to join the all girl dance troupe. Which I thought about for all of hmmm 3 seconds and said yes.  
1999-2000 - I really belted down to my studies, as I wanted a Bnd and Hnd in performing arts studies so that I could move on to do a BA Hons Degree. I did a little bit of acting here and there and also got a little role on the TV series 'Grafters' on ITV with Robson Green. Which was great fun filming and I got to snog TV hunk Darien Morfit.  
2001 - Yes, I was still studying... I then graduated from University with a 'Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree' in Drama. WOW can you believe it, ME with a degree!. Hey Big boobs, blonde hair and brains can all go together.  
I then landed a role, playing a Lipstick lesbian on Sky one's comedy drama 'Is Harry on the Boat?' which was great fun filming along side a great cast.  
Later in the year I got called up for an acting audition ..well this wasn't any other normal acting audition, it was for a big Hollywood Steven Seagal Movie called 'Time to Kill'... OH My God.....  
Then Sky One Television approached me to do a documentary about me and my life as a UK Centrefold. They followed me around for four weeks whilst we were on tour.  
The documentary 'Naked in Blackpool' was premiered on Sky One and got over 3 million viewers each week, which was fantastic for people to see the real last!  
I’ve been filming with the Award winning movie actress Reese Weatherspoon on a new movie...had parts on Footballers Wife’s, Holby City and Eastenders where I know of few of you saw me...and I have also been doing some new photo shoots in Australia and L.A to name a few places... So new pictures coming your way soon!  
Lately I have been very busy working for a large American Cosmetic Company here in London and have just set up my new business ‘Helen Benoist Make Up Artistry’ which you will find a link on my site… its all very exciting.. just call me wonder woman!!  
And some new project will be coming your way very soon.  
Bye Bye for now….  
Lots of love, helen x.

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