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I was very lucky to be asked by Soccer6 Founder Mark Aberty if I would like to play for the 'Six in the city' girls team in my home town of Newcastle at St James Park for the PRINCES TRUST charity event.  
Soccer6 raises money by getting celebritys from the TV and Music industry such as Rod steward, Blue, So Solid crew, Atomic kitten, Liberty X, Mis-Teeq, Robbie williams, Ralf Little, Dean Gaffney, Micheal Greco, and lots of page 3 beauties such as Jordan, Jakki Degg, Ebony and ME hehe.. to play football in front of an estimated 5,000 fans for the day.  
It was a fantastic day, My team 'Six in the city' played and won all three games 4-2,6-4, 9-0. Then we went into the final and WON 12-5!! And I was in Goal, Can you belive it!?! Saved a few and let a hmmmm few threw my legs!  
I never knew raising money for charity and playing football at the same time could be so much fun!...well until the day after when I couldn't walk!!
Copyright 2003 Helen Benoist
"So Who wants to sign me up then?"  
Copyright 2003 Helen Benoist
"Just look at that 'Ball' control!!"  
Copyright 2003 Helen Benoist
Dean: "she's feeling MY bum, you wait ya turn"  
Copyright 2003 Helen Benoist
Me with my friend (Ex-Eastender) Dean Gaffney- 'Who I've known for years and is truly a lovely guy'  
Copyright 2003 Helen Benoist
My team 'The SEX err...I mean 'The Six In The City' girls  
Copyright 2003 Helen Benoist
Me with my team mate Michelle from Liberty X....Still looking good after 3 games  
Thanks to David Charlton and Owen Humpries for the photographs

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